Ottawa real estate monthly report month of  Aug, 2017
The number of sold properties in Ottawa in July 2017, 332 condominiums and 1,198 residential properties, the total of 1,530 compared with 1,490 in July 2016 an increase of 2.7%.

The average sale price for condominium-class property was $267,641 an increase of 2.8% from July 2016.

The average sale price for residential-class property was $420,335 an increase of 5.3% from July 2016.

“Inventory levels continue to tighten, however the choice for buyers continues to be decent, with both entry-level properties and higher-end properties available, particularly in the condo market and compared to numbers from 2016, residential properties in July 2017 are selling almost 22 per cent faster and condos just over 11 per cent faster than July of last year.”


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