Ottawa Real Estate Monthly Report   Oct, 2020
The number of sold properties in Ottawa in September 2020, 570 condominiums, an increase of 31% from September 2019, and 1,759 residential properties, an increase of 58% from September 2019.

The total number of sold properties in September 2020 was 2,329 compared with 1,547 in September 2019 an increase of 19% .

”September saw 2,165 residential properties and 744 condominiums enter the market. This is an increase of 32% and 45% respectively over last year at this time, and over 400 more new listings than came on the market in August.”

The average sale price for residential-class property was $622,557 an increase of 28% from September 2019.

The average sale price for condominium- class property was $373,565 an increase of 21% from September 2019.

With year to date average sale prices at $575,506 for residential and $360,550 for condominiums, these values represent a 19% and 20%increase over 2019, respectively.

“The resale market in 2020, especially since the outset of the pandemic, has certainly not followed the usual spring and fall cycles we typically experience. This year has had its own distinct flow, and whether this momentum in our market will continue is difficult to predict.”

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