Ottawa Real Estate Monthly Report   May, 2020
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The number of sold properties in Ottawa in April 2020, 213 condominiums, a decrease of 51% from April 2019, and 700 residential properties, a decrease of 56% from April 2019.

The total number of sold properties in April 2020 was 913 compared with 2,025 in April 2019 a decrease of 55% .

The average sale price for residential-class property was $521,694 an increase of 6.8% from April 2019.

The average sale price for condominium- class property was $327,813 an increase of 6.3% from April 2019.

The very much shortage of inventory has driven down the number of new listings for the past couple of months, so we cannot accurately state that the decrease in April was due to Covid-19 where we saw 1,579 new residential listings and 469 for condos.

The truth is the residential prices are still holding their own and are up over last year’s figures, with properties often selling above the asking price.

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