Ottawa Real Estate Monthly Report  Mar, 2020
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The housing inventory is very low that’s one of the reasons that house prices are going up radically and Days On The Market has gone down 12%.

When there is a limited inventory, it’s always a good time to sell, and the earlier you get on the market, the more you can differentiate your home. Be sure to entrust your home sale or purchase to an experienced professionals.

The number of sold properties in Ottawa in February 2020, 306 condominiums, an increase of 22.9% from February 2019, and 835 residential properties, an increase of 10.9% from February 2019.

The total number of sold properties in February 2020 was 1,141 compared with 1002 in February 2019 an increase of 13.9% .

The average sale price for residential-class property was $563,694 an increase of 21.1% from February 2019.

The average sale price for condominium-class property was $349,813 an increase of 21.3% from February 2019.

Multiple offers have become commonplace in certain pockets of the city, and statistic indicates that approximately 58% of properties are selling for over the asking price, compared to 32% of properties a year ago.

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