Ottawa Real Estate Monthly Report Month Of  May, 2019
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In April, we realized that one third of the properties on the market are selling for more than the asking price, but still the rest of listings are selling below the listed price.

The Ottawa real estate market with limited supply is inherently going to put an upward pressure on prices.

The fact is, these price points are still well under the Canadian average, and our residents tend to be in comfortable financial situations due to secure employment and a thriving local economy.

The number of sold properties in Ottawa in April 2019, 438 condominiums, an increase of 5.3% from April 2018, and 1,594 residential properties, equal to April 2018.

The total number of sold properties in April 2019 was 2,032 compared with 2,024 in April 2018 an increase of 0.4%.

The average sale price for residential-class property was $488,729 an increase of 7.4% from April 2018.

The average sale price for condominium-class property was $307,659 an increase of 14.3 % from April 2018.

Condominium sales continued to lead the way in April, which included a higher average price.

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